Termite Inspections and Treatment Albuquerque

Termite Inspections

Harmony Pest Management performs a number of different termite functions, the simplest of these are “Inspections”.

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Termite inspections are mostly visual, we are trained in what to look for to determine if you have either existing termites at your location or the possibility of a future infestation which we call “Conducive Conditions”. If there are conducive conditions then we will help to educate the customer on the procedures to take to eliminate these conditions.

If there are existing termites we will suggest another Termite Company to take care of the problem.

At Harmony pest we believe that it is a “Conflict of Interest” to provide a termite inspection and the termite treatment at the same property.

Termite Treatment

We do perform Termite treatments if another company has done the inspection.

Our advice is to follow this procedure for your home or business. Termite treatments are expensive and this helps to keep the termite companies honest.

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