Organic Pest Management Albuquerque

Organic Pest Management in Albuquerque

Identification is the most important part of any pest control treatment. Then we determine what the source of the problem is and what methods will serve you the best ranging from mechanical to chemical. Organics are chemicals as well they are just naturally occurring materials.

Albuquerque organic pest management

ORGANIC Pest Management is our Signature Service. 

We offer this as an additional service to those people who want no synthetic chemicals at their home or business. We are the pioneers of this service as the pest control industry is moving more and more this direction. More and more people desire organicf treatment. Our Organic Pest Management uses nothing but naturally ocurring means of treating pests. It takes a little longer than a normal “sprayjob” you may receive from other local Pest Control companies and it is a little more expensive each visit. However, organic pest management really works and is safer for pets and humans. 


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