Bee Removal Albuquerque

Bee removal albuquerque

Matt in his Bee Suit!

We believe in Bee Removal and Not Exterminating

We say bee removal instead of exterminating because Bees are endangered. Our goal is to save as many bee colonies as possible. When we receive a call to come out and eliminate a bee problem we will do so by removing the bees from the structure or yard and relocating them.

Bees are extremely important to our eco-systems and should be treated kindly. For the most part it is extremely difficult to “make” a bee sting you.

Harassment makes getting stung a lot more likely. Accidentally stepping on one barefoot  will almost certainly end up in a sting. Relocating can also be a touchy situation, which is why I wear a completely covered bee suit when doing this function. But there are tools to keep the colony calm even while relocating.

African killer bees have not made it up to Albuquerque for a couple of reasons.

  1. There are actually procedures in place to control them at the southern borders of our state
  2. After many years the bees are actually integrating with other American bee colonies and it is changing their aggressiveness.

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