Bed Bug Treatment Checklist

Chemical Treatment Prep Sheet

Resident Prep Sheet

For Bed Bug Application

  1. 1
    All people and pets must leave residence upon the arrival of the application crew. Reentry to the serviced residence can happen only after posted time.
  2. 2
    All sensitive items (such as plants, fish, and children’s playthings…) must be covered prior to application crew arrival.
  1. 3
    Beds and furniture will be treated and must be accessible to the service application. Do not stack loose items on any of these. Remove any plastic torn encasements.
  2. 4
    Walls must be open to the service application. Please be sure that they are clear for one foot all the way around the rooms.
  3. 5
    All electronics need to be unplugged from sockets. All loose items need to be off the floor, bagged and centered away from the walls.
  4. 6
    Clothing and bedding (including any stuffed animals, etc…) need to be thoroughly laundered according to specifications in the instructions and bagged prior to service application.
  5. 7
    Consumables of any kind (food, medicines, etc…) must be stored away in cupboards or pantry prior to service application.
  6. 8
    The first ten days after the application are critical to infestation knockdown. Refrain from deep cleaning or harsh cleansers that will break down the chemical agents applied. Light cleaning only for thirty days!
  7. 9
    Should the infestation be graded “serious” then infested items must be removed and destroyed appropriately, (such as the mattresses, box springs, bed frames, or furniture…)
  8. 10
    Your infestation came to you through exposure to bedbug activity at another location. To stop further transference to your residence you must be careful to guard against any kind of exposure in the future.
  9. 11
    Failure to comply at any point will void service agreement. Reapplications required additionally will be chargeable.
  10. 12
    We strongly recommend that all beds have “encasements” to hinder further infestation on them.