About us

Professional Credentials
Matt Vaive Owner/Applicator The Vaive family has been in the pest control industry since 1972. The Pest control industry has gone through a lot of changes since then and we have changed right along with it. If not sometimes on the forefront of the industry. The customers comfort and safety is our primary concern. We are constantly searching for and using the chemicals or non chemical means that have the least impact on the environment to ensure that your residence or business is insect free.

Personal Info

Our son Joshua Vaive has now joined the team and is working on pest solutions full time, as of October 2012.

Rick Scanlon has recently joined the team as of April 2017.
Rick has a lot of attributes that drew us to him, hes a family man, he has a great work histroy and hist spirit animal is a chocolate lab! here is some info about rick in his own words.
Hi, my name is Rick, I am married to Jordeen, I have a son, Ricky, and daughters, Jodee and Janae. We also have 1 dog Zoey, and a black cat named Mia.
I like working and doing things outdoors like, biking, walking, hiking and planting.
I like to meet new people that is why I like working for Harmony Pest Mgmgt. being a pest technician gives me the opportunity to meet people and their pets on a daily basis. looking forward to meeting you!